Marriage &
Family Therapy

I help individuals who suffer from trauma and the fallout from trauma, such as anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD. I help them to understand and to release the emotional pain associated with the trauma, at a pace that feels safe for them.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with private practice in Sequim, Washington (License #LF61114492), as well as in California (License #82419).

I am a strong believer in the innate wisdom and healing ability of each person. I lean towards a holistic approach that connects body, mind, and spirit in the healing process. I also believe that self-improvement is a lifelong process and the greatest adventure, and as such I never tire of this work, both for myself and for my clients.


In cultures throughout the world there are rituals and rites of passages that help to make sense of change and to move through the various phases of life.

In our individualistic society these rituals are lost, making it more difficult to integrate life’s changes in a harmonious way.

Part of the value of therapy is relearning the natural processes that we all go through and doing it in a way that enhances and deepens our sense of Self and well-being.

Therapy can be a buffer against the incessant stresses that our all-too-busy lives  incur. Having a compassionate witness to your journey can be an empowering and healing experience.

For whatever reason you may be seeking therapy at this time, I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and to be that compassionate companion on your journey.

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